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Q: Chevron used to be know as Standard Oil of which state?
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Which gas stations can Chevron cards be used at besides Chevron gas stations?

Chevron cards can be used at Texaco Gas Stations. You can learn more information about these cards online at the Chevron website. Once on the page, hover over "Products and Services" and click "Gift & Credit Cards."

What is the meaning of the Chevron to a US Army NCO?

The Chevron to a US Army NCO is used to indicate first sergeant is a mark of distinction and was used in heraldry to indicate achievement.

Where can you use a cheveron credit card?

A Chevron credit card can be used at Chevron and Texaco stations throughout the United States. It can also be used at stations in British Columbia, Canada.

What year did the army adopt the chevron system that is used today?


Why are standard of measurements used in the us?

my friend dont know the answer

Family purchased land used by the sour lake Texas oil company now texaco what is the position with land royalties?

texaco is now chevron. Check with Chevron if you have your legal documents.

Is the Frye standard still used in court?

Yes it is. Illinois is a Frye State.

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The chevron pattern is a bold zig zag pattern that is most often used as a pattern to make hand made quilts. This pattern was used in early art such as pottery, rock carvings, and wood carvings.

Is chevron the best gasoline?

in simple terms, yes, it is. Have always used chevron and NEVER had any fuel related issues. Car I have is a 2001 es300 and my parents bought it new and always used cheap Costco or other brand. When they gave me the car last year, it had issues in the fuel system. I have since cleaned it out and told my wife to never use anything but chevron.

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The standard two letter abbreviation for the state of Kansas is KS. KS or Kans.

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The current standard is 12 volt DC. As far as I know this is common throughout the world.