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Q: Chinese goal of trying to rid their homeland of all foreigners?
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What's the Chinese goal of trying to rid their homeland of all foreigners?

China's goal in attempting to rid their homeland of foreigners is often tied to historical and nationalist sentiments, including a desire to protect their culture, sovereignty, and security from external influence or interference. This may also be driven by concerns over perceived threats to their political system or economic interests.

What was a major goal of both the Sepoy Mutiny and the Boxer Rebellion was to?

Rid their countries of foreigners.

Whose goal was creating a homeland for people who shared a common heritage?


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Why did the Japanese invasion help unify the Chinese temporarily?

The Japanese invasion of China during World War II prompted various Chinese factions to set aside their differences and work together against a common enemy. This temporary unity was driven by the shared goal of resisting foreign aggression and defending their homeland.

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