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Shay's Rebellion

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Q: Cite the event that led many Americans to consider creating a strong national government?
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Which part of the national government has the expressed power to creating for the organization of federal courts?

which part of the national government has the expressed power to creating the organization of federal courts/

Is creating national parks a power of the state government or the federal?

Creating national parks is primarily a power of the federal government. While states can establish their own parks, national parks are typically created and managed by the federal government through agencies like the National Park Service.

After declaring independence how did the Americans organize their state sational government?

And national government

Who is responsible for creating the national debt?

The National Debt is the responsibility of the government. This debt comes from government spending. This spending is acquired from government programs and foreign aid.

Where did the national government advocate relocating Native Americans?


Group of Americans believes in a limited national government?


What group of Americans believe in active national government?


Many Americans wanted a strong national government after what?

After Shay's rebellion many Americans wanted a stronger national government. Shay's rebellion was an uprising that took place in 1786.

After what did many Americans want a strong national government?

Shay's Rebellion

Which group of americans believe in a limited national government?


What document satisfied Americans desire for a strong national government?

The Constitution.

What did many Americans believe the federal government should do to improve national unity?

what did many americans believe the federal goverment should do to improve national unity