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defended teacher John Scopes on behalf of the ACLU.

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Q: Clarence Darrow was made famous in 1925 because he?
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Why did Clarence Darrow became famous in 1925?

He was a defense attorney in the Scopes trial

What was the subject of the famous 1925 trial where lawyers clarence darrow and William jennings Bryan talked about monkeys?

The famous 1925 "monkey trial" was on the subject of teaching evolution.

Why was national attention drawn to William Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow in the Scopes trial of 1925?

william jennings

Who was the Chicago lawyer who defended Leopold and Loeb?

It was Clarence Darrow who is better known for the Scopes Monkey trial in 1925.

Who defened john scopes in the 1925 trial?

The defense team for John Scopes in the 1925 trial, also known as the Scopes Monkey Trial, included prominent lawyers Clarence Darrow and Dudley Field Malone. They argued on behalf of Scopes, who was charged with teaching evolution in a Tennessee public school, challenging the state's law prohibiting the teaching of evolution.

What was defended at the Scopes Trial?

Academic freedom and religionEvolution and the role of science and religion in public schools and in American Society. John T. Scopes, a biology teacher, was tried for teaching Darwinism in a Tennessee public school--which was at the time, illegal.Scopes trial was a 1925 case that debated by William Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow. Scopes was tried to challenged the Tennessee law by teaching the Evolution. Darrow believed in free speech, and Bryan believed in fundamentalism. This trial took place in Tennessee.

What court case of the 1920s is associated with William Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow?

The Scopes Trial In 1925 (monkey trial) Tennessee Trial. Bryan Representing The Parties Against The Darwin Theory Of Evolution. Darrow For Evolution.

When was Clarence Allen - geologist - born?

Clarence Allen - geologist - was born in 1925.

When was Clarence Self born?

Clarence Self was born on 1925-10-10.

What famous trial occurred during the summer of 1925 in dayton Tennessee?

In 1925 the State of Tennessee accused substitute high school teacher John T. Scopes of violating state law by teaching human evolution in a state-funded school. The trial is known as the Scopes Trial or the Scopes Monkey Trial. Scopes was found guilty and fined $100. The verdict subsequently was overturned. The trial featured two famous attorneys. William Jennings Bryan argued for the prosecution. Clarence Darrow represented Scopes.

In 1925 who were Darrow's main supporters?

labor unions, minority groups, and poor people.

Who is drummond in inherit the wind?

Jack Lemmon played the role of Henry Drummond in the 1999 film Inherit the Wind .He was played by Spencer Tracy in the 1960 version. His character is based on real life attorney Clarence Darrow who was involved in the 'Scopes Monkey Trial' in 1925.