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The American Revolution was characterized by a split in the support of colonist belligerents. Those who supported the American independence were called Patriots for their patriotic drive of self-government and republicanism. They were also sometimes called Whigs, who were members of the British Parliament who supported the colonists' side. These Patriots were usually farmers and countrymen who often felt the brunt of the taxes Parliament had levied on the colonies. Those who were against independence were called Loyalists or Tories, who were members of Parliament who were against the colonies.

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Q: Colonists who supported independence from Britain were called?
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The colonist who supported the war for Independence were called what?

The colonists who supported the war for independence against Great Britain were called Patriots. Those who didn't support the war were called Tories or Loyalists.

Some colonists loyalists who sided with Britain the other colonists were patriots who supported the right to independence?

The patriots were for independence. Those who were loyal to the king were called loyalists.

Colonists who supported independence?

What were coloniests that supported the dependence called?

What were colonists that supported independence called?


Colonists who supported independence were called?


What were people called that supported independence from british?

Those colonists who supported independence from the monarchy of King George III were called Patriots.

Colonists who supported the war for independence were called wha?


What were the coloniests called who supported independence from Britain?

they where called patriot

What were the colonists who wanted to fight for independence called?

The colonists who wanted to fight for independence from Britain were known as the Patriots.

What was the name for the colonists who supported Britain?

The colonists who supported Great Britain in the Revolutionary war were mainly called two names: Loyalists <---- politically correct Tories <------ slang

What was the Americans who supported Great Britain called?

Colonists who supported Great Britain during the American Revolution and the years shortly preceding it were called Loyalists.

Colonists who opposed independence from Britain were called?

Loyalists opposed independence while Patriots favored independence.

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