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There were two. Admiral Chester Nimitz, based in Hawaii, commanded the Central Pacific, and also the US Pacific Fleet. Army General Douglas MacArthur, initially based in Australia after escaping from the Philippines, commanded the Southwest Pacific . There was also a China-Burma-India Theater of Operations in the war against Japan.

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Douglas MacArthur WW2

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Q: Commander of pacific ground troops
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Who was the commander of the allied ground troops in the pacific?


Who was the commander for the Pacific ground troops during World War 2?

Douglas mcarthur

Who was the commander of pacific ground troops during world war 2?

Admiral Chester W. Nimitz had overall command of all air , land and sea forces in the Pacific theater : Commander in Chief, United States Pacific Fleet (CinCPac) .

Who was the commander of U.S. land troops in the pacific?

Andrew Lubin

Who was MacAurthur Supreme allied?

General MacArthur was the Supreme Allied Commander of the ground troops in the Pacific Theater of World War 2. General Eisenhower was the Supreme Allied Commander of the European Theater of the war.

Which general led the American forces in wwii on the pacific front?

Douglas MacArthur was the Supreme Commander of ground forces in the Pacific.

Can you give me a sentence for the word command?

It would be unwise to decline a command performance. Ground Control, this is Mission Command -Do you copy? By your command, my liege!

US admiral in the pacific?

Bull Halsey. 2nd answer: Husband Kimmell commanded the Navy in the Pacific in World War II when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. (assuming this is the time period that you were asking about) After he was removed as commander, Chester Nimitz was appointed commander, later to be commander in chief, Pacific and led all branches of the military there. William 'Bull' Halsey and Raymond Spruance commanded large areas of the north Pacific, under Nimitz, while General MacArthur commanded the troops in the South Pacific.

Commander of US Ground forces in south pacific world war 2?

General MacArthur for the Army. General Howling for the Marines.

Who was the American commander in 1941?

The American Commander in the southern pacific was Douglas MacArthur at that time The American Commander in the Central pacific was Chester W.Nimitz

What was Douglas MacArthur's role in Korea?

He was the army commander of US troops in Korea during the Korean War

Who was the commander of Russian troops?