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As commander in chief of the armed forces

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Q: How can a President send troops into combat without congressional approval?
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Who is the only president to engage in combat while in office?

James Madison was the only president to engage in combat while in office. It was during the War of 1812.

What happens if the president declares war without congress?

While technically the President cannot declare war without Congress, under the War Powers Resolution of 1973, the President can send troops into combat as long as he informs Congress within 48 hours of doing so . Then he has 60 days and then another 30 days for withdrawal before he has to get Congressional approval or a formal declaration of war. Congress has to approve any additional funds that an undeclared war requires.

Presidents have used the armed forces in combat abroad without?

A formal declaration of war.

Can the president spend money without Congress' approval?

The President cannot spend money without the approval of Congress and cannot directly authorize the spending of money. The president makes an annual budget request to congress describing how the various departments of the executive branch will use the budget. There is also discretionary spending which has to be asked for annually which and the president irons out with congressional Appropriations Committees. Extra defense spending, for example, has to be asked for individually. The various departments that fall under POTUS recommendations include Education, Housing, Treasury, State (Foreign), Interior, etc. Congress brings in Dept Secretaries and questions them and it goes in/out of committee before it goes to the floor of the two houses. It passes by simple majority (after pork, or, paper-clipped add-ons mysteriously appear, usually to benfit one congressman's region). Because it is a resolution, not a bill, it does not go back to POTUS to be signed/vetoed. It just goes into effect from congress. From the dot gov: " the President's budget must request a specific funding level for appropriated programs and may also request changes in tax and entitlement law." The entitlement programs are: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Nutrition Assistance, Retirement Benefits, Veterans' Disability, and Unemployment Insurance This is an oversimplification that doesn't take into account, for example, Reconciliation. The entire process, enveloping all three branches of government is difficult even for congressman to learn fully. The president has a team of advisers just for budgetary spending. Congress has the Congressional Budget Office, committee experts, advisers, and aides. It's all part of the "Balance of Power" and the current budget procedures date to the Nixon era (except for the Byrd rule, which is also more complicated).

Which us presidents is a fighter pilot?

No US President hadany record as a combat fighter pilot. George W. Bush was in the Texas Air Froce Reserves and he may have flown old fighters, but never in combat. His father, George H. W. Bush was a notable bomber pilot and flew dozens of missions in WW II. Dwight Eisenhower was certified as a pilot of some sort but never flew in combat.

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Can a president send troops into combat without congressional approval?

As commander in chief of the armed forces

How many days can the President send troops into combat without Congressional approval under the WPA?

40 days to be exact

How can a President send troops into combat congressional approval?

As commander in chief of the armed forces

How can presidents send troops into combat without congressional approval?

As commander in chief of the armed forces

How long can the president commit American forces to combat without congress' approval?

It takes a vote of Congress to declare war against another country, but Presidents have gotten around that by sending troops to war without declaring war. For example, the U. S. never declared war against North Vietnam, but over 58,000 American soldiers were killed in that war.

What developments most led to changes in the level of presidential power during the 20th century?

The expanded use of executive actions to combat economic crises

Did the south have the right to secede from the US?

The southern states certainly believed they had the right to secede, but most of the northern states disagreed. The question was answered by a sort of trial-by-combat called the American civil War.Because the Confederacy lost the war and the Union was preserved, it turned out that no state had the right to secede without Congressional approval.

How the Vietnam war first allowed an expansion of presidential power and later caused power to be limited?

Nixon's invasion (incursion) of Cambodia in '70 triggered the limitations. Unfortunately, this caused a disaster when the Laos invasion occurred the following year (1971-Operation Lam Son 719).In responding to a reported attack on U.S. warships, Congress passed a resolution giving President Lyndon Johnson authority to take "all necessary steps," including the use of American forces, in Vietnam. After the war dragged on for years, Congress decided that Johnson and President Richard Nixon had abused their war powers and passed a law to limit the president's use of forces in combat without congressional approval.

What is the War Powers Act?

It is an act of congress passed after the Vietnam War, over President Nixon's veto, and of dubious constitutionality, which seeks to define and limit the powers of the president of the United States to command the armed forces. The most important provision is that if the U.S. armed forces go into combat the president must get a resolution from congress authorizing the mission. If the resolution is not passed then the forces must be withdrawn from the combat within sixty days. Since it was passed no president has ever acknowledged its validity but, nonetheless, have complied with it.

Which president ordered the combat use of a nuculer bomb?

President Truman.

Who was the president that did not do combat duty during World War 2?

president asad

What was John Kennedy's first act as president to combat communism?

deploy combat troops to vietnam