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There are a number of things you could compare and contrast. Look at the literary styles. Doesn't De Crevecoeur use a lot of rhetorical elements in his letter, similar to the rhetorical style Patrick Henry used in his famous speech? See how many you can find... repetition, rhetorical question....Abigail Adam's letter doesn't sound the same at all. She is not using rhetoric, she is writing in a narrative or descriptive style. Find some examples in her letter and prove it with that evidence.

Secondly, they are both writing about "new" America. Do they think the newness is good or bad?

What is the organization? Which one is an essay and which one is not?

What about point of view? What person is the writer using? (First person, 2nd person, third person...)

You can do it! Just try to pick it apart. Remember, for compare & contrast, three items to compare should be sufficient.

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Q: Compare and contrast Abigail Adams letter to her daughter with jean de crevecoeur essay from letters from an American farmer?
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