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What motivates abigail to threaten betty is that she does not want to get caught and everyone she did witchcraft. That ultimately leads to a hanging , unless they confess.

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Because she scared Rev. parris

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Q: Why does Abigail threaten betty?
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What were Betty and Abigail doing in the forest when reverend Paris frightened them?

Abigail says that they were just dancing

Why didn't Mary Warren tell the court Abigail and the other girls were pretending?

because abigail had threaten her that she would kill her. :)

What does Betty fear punishment for in The Crucible?

Fears Abigail

Why does Abigail tell john about Betty?

Because she knew john.

Who are Reverend Parris Betty Abigail and Tituba in The Crucible and what is their relationship to one another?

Rev. Parris is Betty's father and Abigail William's uncle. In addition, Tituba is Rev. Parris's slave.

How is betty and Abigail's behavior similar or different?

Betty and Abigail from "The Crucible" both display manipulative behavior to achieve their goals. However, Betty's behavior is more passive and influenced by fear, while Abigail is more assertive and driven by the desire for power and control. Both characters ultimately contribute to the hysteria and chaos in Salem.

What does Abigail Adams threaten to do if women are not given representation in the new laws of the land?

She will from a rebellion

Why does betty parris join in accusing people along with Abigail and tituba in The Crucible by Arthur Miller?

Betty is trying to protect the others by joining in. When she talks for the first time it looks like the devil made her tell about all the others. Also, if Betty joins Abigail in the chant of names it takes some of the focus off of Abigail, which makes it look more authentic.

Who were the two girls who supposedly started the hysteria?

Betty Parris and Abigail Williams

Who were Abigail Williams' friends?

Marry Waren Betty Proctor Mercy Lewis

What harm did tituba betty parris and Abigail Williams cause?

what is tituba's problem

How does act 1 of The Crucible end?

Betty and Abigail are chanting names of witches.