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Q: Congress authorized an official impeachment investigation of what president?
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Who provides over the impeachment trial of a president?


Which of the following three ways did Congress keep Richard Nixon's power in check during the years he was president?

investigation of Watergate,impeachment recemendations

Does The impeachment process of a federal judge only come through the president's approval?

no, The process of impeachment is an option of the Congress.

What are duties of the United States congress?

Make U.S. Laws, and impeachment trials for the President, Vice President, and other Congress Members.

How congress can control the president?

The president can veto any bill passed by Congress. This stops a divided Congress since a 2/3 majority is required to pass the bill over the veto. The president can fail to enforce laws that he does not like. Congress can fight back with impeachment or censure but there are usually serious political costs to such actions, so Congress often does nothing. The president can also use a "carrot and stick" approach to influence individual Congress members.

In 1794 Congress authorized the president?

No, it was 1789 that the office of president was filled by Washington.

What can Congress do if they feel that the president hasn't followed the law?

File articles of impeachment

What is the act by which the congress accuses a president or supreme court justice of serious crimes?

Yes, through the impeachment process. Articles of Impeachment are drafted by the Congress detailed specific charges against a sitting president.

How can a case go to congress?

They don't. With the exception of trying the President in impeachment, Congress does not try cases. That is the functional of the judicial branch.

Which house of congress acts as the jury and decides guilt or innocence in an impeachment?

The power to try for impeachment is solely the power of the United States Senate. The House of Representatives decides if there should be an impeachment, by a majority vote. After which, the investigation and trial is to be carried out by the Senate.

so if the president is mot doing well can he be moved as a president?

Of course, this process is known as impeachment of a president and needs an organized vote in congress

Would impeachment of the president be a delegated power?

No, it's an expressed power of Congress and could not be delegated.