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The question COULD be more speciofic, but among other things it forbids the use of cruel and unusual punishment.

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Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law

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Q: Constitution forbids the use of what?
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How many changes can you make in the constitution'?

Unless a constitution forbids it, as many as you wish

The constitution forbids the states to?

Keep Militia

Which amendment forbids unreasonably high bail?

The Eighth Amendment to the Constitution forbids excessive bails/fines and cruel and unusual punishment.

Indias 1948 Constitution forbids?

The practice of untouchability.

Define the two types of laws forbidden by the constitution?

The U.S. Constitution forbids any law that conflicts with existing Federal laws. It also forbids any law that violates the Constitution itself.

Why have the Japanese not come to terms with their militaristic past?

Their new constitution forbids war.

How many changes can you make in the changes?

Unless a constitution forbids it, as many as you wish

What part of the constitution limits the presidents spending?

The Constitution forbids the president to spend money unless the spending is authorized by congress.

What US Constitution right forbids prosecution if a act was commented and later legislation passed to make it illegal?

Clause 3 of Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution forbids the federal government from passing EX POST FACTO laws, and Clause 1 of Article I, Section 10, forbids state governments from doing the same.

The Constitution forbids Congress to lay a tax on what?

Products sent from one state to another

The constitution forbids states to coin money?

yes, a state can not make their own money

The constitution forbids congress to lay a tax on?

Goods sent from one State to another