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Q: Constitutional convention delegates who were in favour of a less involved federal government most likely supported?
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Delegates from small states most strongly supported what during the constitutional convention of 1787?

They supported a government that had equal representation for all states and had a one house legislature so states with more population wouldn't get more representation in the government

Who supported the constitutional convention of 1787?

Revolutionary War supported the Constitutional convention. This was in the year 1787.

James Madison believe the Delegates at constitutional convention could keep the revised articles of confederation as the government of the nation?

No because he supported a strong national government

What was the name of the group of people who supported the constitutional convention?


How did Jonathan Dayton vote during the constitutional convention?

At the Constitutional Convention, Jonathan Dayton supported the US Constitution. In fact, at the age of 26, he was the youngest delegate to sign it.

Which slave state was included at the Constitutional Convention?

There were several "slave states" at the Constitutional Convention because the South had an agrarian economy supported by slave labor.GeorgiaNorth CarolinaSouth CarolinaVirginia

Opposed a stronger central government and chose not to attend the Constitutional Convention?

Patrick Henry (1736-1799), fearing that the federal government would recreate a centralized monarchy, did not attend the Constitutional Convention in 1787. He was an anti-federalist but promoted the Bill of Rights, and by 1798 generally supported the Federalist government under President John Adams.

What people supported the federalist's posistion at the constitutional convention?

Notably, alexander Hamilton, John Jay, John adams and the president of the convention, George Washington.

Who was the Delegate of New Jersey?

The delegates of New Jersey in 1776 were David Brearly and William Paterson. Brearly supported the Revolution cause, which made the British to arrest him, while William Patterson represented New Jersey in the constitutional Convention.

What plank divide democratic delegates during the 1968 national convention?

It was called the peace plank. The peace plank sought to bring the war in Vietnam to a negotiated end. It was supported by delegates pledged to Eugene McCarthy and delegates who had been pledged to Robert F. Kennedy who w killed less than three months prior to the convention. It was opposed by the delegates of Hubert H. Humphrey, who became the nominee.

What was the conclusion for delegates who supported the Constitution needed 9 states to approve it?

They got the U.S. Constitution approved by the government.

How did Delaware vote at the Constitutional Convention?

Delaware supported the idea that representation should be equal among all the states. this is because Delaware was a small state. Therefore they would have less representation. They also supported the idea of slaves not counting as population. this is because the South had more slaves then them. So if slaves did count, Delaware would still have a less population. Delaware also believed that there should be 3 branches in the government, the executive (president), the legislative (the congress) and the judicial (the supreme court). they also believed that the executive should have limited control because then the executive can't have total control. also the believed that the legislative and the judicial branch should be monitored by the state government (p.s. for more info go to and type in: delegates of the constitutional convention in the search box.)