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increase the elasticity of demand for construction workers

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Q: Construction workers frequently sponsor political lobbying in support of greater public spending on highways and public buildings One reason they do this is to?
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What is in the Construction section of the NAICS?

Erecting buildings and engineering projects (e.g., highways), including new work, additions, alterations, or maintenance

How does the construction industry benefit society?

The construction industry helps societies in many ways by making roads, highways, buildings, airports, and many more. For more information visit - Vendor Infra

What do general building contractors do?

General building contractors build residential, industrial, and commercial buildings, while heavy construction contractors build structures such as roads, highways, and bridges.

How does the US government define commerce?

construction of highways

How did automobiles contribute to the construction of highways?

With taxes and tolls.

In 1947 Congress authorized the construction of thousands of miles of?


Whinch of these terms is included in the definition of commerce?

construction of highways.

In what operations do the building and non-building sections of the wrecking and demolition industry specialize?

The first category destroys houses, commercial establishments, and office buildings; the second removes highways, streets, and other non-inhabitable construction projects.

Is Vietnam a good place to work for a resident engineer in the construction of highways?


What are the achievements of Pres Joseph Ejercito Estrada when he was in power?

he reconstructed the highways and built buildings

What is an example of the works progress administration?

One result of the Work Progress Administration is that many people were gainfully employed towards the end of the Great Depression. The WPA is responsible for building some of the first paved highways in the United States. They also built bridges and many public buildings.

Does income taxes pays construction of highways in California?

No Bond issues do that, and now with their economy in the tab