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i think France is one and Australia

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Q: Countries that are dependent on the UK?
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Can working permit dependent apply for UK ni number?

Can working permit dependent apply for uk ni number?

Which best describes oil-producting countries like Saudi Arabia?

They are economically dependent on industrialized countries APEX

Why has the UK gone dependent on Poland?

It hasn't

How is Poland dependent on the UK or England?

Poland is not dependant on the UK, it is an independent country.

What countries in the UK speak french?

The UK is a country and it speaks English. There are no other countries in the UK.

What is a way that interregional connections have affected cultural or economical development?

MIddle Eastern countries became eonomically dependent on ohter countries.apex:)Christianity and Islam spread far from where they were foundedmiddle eastern countries became economically dependent on other countries.

What energy source is the UK most dependent on at the moment?

The energy source that the UK is most dependent on at the moment is fossil fuels. The UK is working to increase both nuclear energy and renewable energy sources at this time.

Tier 1 dependent visa uk?

Tier 1 dependent visa's are visa's for family members to stay in or come to the UK. The person they are applying under must have a post-study worker visa in the UK.

How much states are in the UK?

The UK does not have states. It has countries, and within the countries there are counties.

What are the release dates for Law and Order UK - 2009 Dependent 7-6?

Law and Order UK - 2009 Dependent 7-6 was released on: UK: 18 August 2013 USA: 11 September 2013

Is UK self-reliant or dependent on other countries?

england etc. is both. They aren't part of the Euro but are part of the Commonwealth. Even though the Euro don't 'have anything to do' with England, that isn't totally true. They need the Euro and if the Euro fails so will Uk

How many countries are bigger than the UK?

19 countries are bigger than the UK