UK armed forces

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The UK armed forces is the 5rd largest military in the world in terms of expenditures after U.S , china, Saudi Arabia, and Russia. The UK is also 1 of the only 3 countries to have nuclear bombs sufficient to destroy an entire country, along with U.S and Russia, although all 10 of the worlds most developed countrys have nuclear bombs capable of destroying entire cities. The comander-in-chief of the UK armed forces is the Queen who also commands the Canadian army and all those of the Commonwealth realms.

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Q: UK armed forces
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What do the letters CF after someone's name mean?

It may "Chaplain of the Forces" for a UK Armed Forces Chaplain.

Did you go off to war in Iraq in 2002?

If you mean "you" as in the armed forces, then NO. The US and UK armed forces attacked Iraq on March 20, 2003 (Operation Iraqi Freedom).

Who is ministry of defence in united kingdom?

The department of the UK government which is in charge of the Armed Forces.

For whom does the British Legion provide welfare services?

The British Legion provides welfare services for anyone who has served in the UK armed forces or anyone who is dependent on one who served in the UK armed forces. The Legion offers a wide range of support and advice services.

Can you volunteer to go to war?

yes -------------------------------- Each military has their own rules and requirements. For the UK you have to be 16 and have UK Residency (live in the UK) to join the Armed Forces.

How does the European Union affect public services in the UK?

If you mean in regard to the UK armed forces, then the UK will be required to assist in any military movement commissioned by NATO. This could be anything from all out war to conflicts which would threaten the security of NATO, but if you mean as a whole with the fire service and police, then there is no affect at all. NATO can only control the British armed forces but even then it is to a point.

Who has the power to draft men into the armed forces?

The Congress has the power to put the draft back into place. In the UK it is the Parliament who can do that (And the Queen I am certain).

How do you get to the Falklands from the UK?

There is an air service operated by the UK Ministry of Defence. Although primarily intended to support UK armed forces, spare capacity is offered to the islanders and other passengers at commercial rates

Do the UK armed forces test for steroids specifically Dianabol?

Part of the UK Armed Forces medical examination requires you to give blood for analysis; they screen nearly everything. In my interview with the army, i quote the major who interviewed me as saying "the armies policy is dont do drugs" and "if you take them, we wont take you." However, as the use of anabolic steroids within the UK is legal, even if they do screen for it. I should not see it being an issue. Regards

What does the Royal British Legion do?

The Royal British Legion is a UK charity that provides financial, social and emotional support to millions who have served and are currently serving in the Armed Forces, and their dependants.

Can you become a soldier in UK if you are a foreigner e.g. if you come from Africa?

you will have to check with the authorities and the Armed Forces recruiting office, they will give you all the information you will need.

What types of accidents should be invesetigated in the army?

All accidents, whether in the Armed Forces, or in Industry), must be investigated under 'Health and Safety' UK regulations.