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Ferdinand Magellan was Portuguese, but sailed for Spain (under Spanish King Charles the First) to find an alternate spice trade route to India (instead of using Portugal's route)

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Q: Country Magellan sailed for
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For what country did Ferdinand Magellan sail or search?

Ferdinand Magellan Sailed from Spain

Country in South America sailed to by Magellan?

Argentina at the Tierra del Fuego was rounded by Magellan, but he did not stop.

Did F Magellan sail with Christopher Columbus?

no they just sailed the same country, Spain

What country was ferdinand magellan sailing for?

Explorer and navigator Ferdinanad Magellan sailed for the country of France. He is known for being the first European to travel from Europe to Asia by sailing west.

Where Magellan sailed from?


What country did Ferdinand Magellans country sailed from?

Fernando Magellan set sail from Portugal his home country when he went on his expeditionary voyages.

What did Magellan sail for?

Magellan sailed to prove that the world was round

What ship did Ferdinand Magellan sail in?

Magellan sailed in the Trindad.

Where did ferdinand magellan sailed for?


What kind of transportation did Ferdinand Magellan explore in?

He sailed by ship.

What nation did Magellan sail for?

Magellan sailed for Portugal and Spain at different times.

Who is the Spaniard who sailed around the world?