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Q: What country did cortes sailed for?
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What country did Cortes repesent?

He Represents....I Don't Know....

What is the name of the ship that Hernando Cortes sailed on?

Hernando Cortez sailed on a Ship known as the Caravel. A caravel is a small, highly agile ship industrialized in the 15th century by the Portuguese to travel around along the West African coast and into the Atlantic Ocean. The ship sails gave her pace and the power to sail against the wind.

Country Magellan sailed for?

there! Ferdinand Magellan was Portuguese, but sailed for Spain (under Spanish King Charles the First) to find an alternate spice trade route to India (instead of using Portugal's route)

How did George Washington sailed the sea?

First your grammar is incorrect but he sailed very carefully

Was Hernando Cortes a Good Man?

Cortes, during his lifetime was considered a hero by his companions and by his country, but bad by those he conquered and their descendants. Historical figures are as human as people are today, each with their own good and bad qualities. Cortes had many highs and lows in his lifetime and his professional career. When he finally conquered Mexico for Spain, surely the Spanish thought him a good man. When the Aztec people were his allies and helped to relieved them of their oppressors, surely they thought him a good man, their savior. Many people were slaughtered in Cortes' rise to power, surely those people considered him a bad man. Cortes was a man of his time following the rules of the time with the European mentality of his time. People today have only his actions to judge him by and may be judging him by today's standards. Was Cortes a good man? Today there can only be an individuals opinion.

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What country did Herman Cortes sailed from?

Herman Cortes was a Spanish explorer.

What country did hernan Cortes sailed?

He sailed for Spain. On his expedition, he found Baja California.Spain

Where did Cortes sailed?

Hernando Cortes sailed to portogal

Where did Cortes sailed to?

Hernando Cortes sailed to portogal

What country did Cortes sail from?

He sailed to and from a lot of places. He is Spanish, to begin with, though.

What country's did hernan Cortes sailed for?

He sailed for Spain. On his expedition, he found Baja California.Spain

Where did Hernando Cortes sail to?

Hernando Cortes sailed to portogal

How did Hernando Cortes get home?

He sailed.

Who sailed from Cuba and landed in Veracruz?


What islands Cortes sailed from to conquer the Aztecs?


For what country or countries did Hernando Cortes sail?

Hernando Cortes first arrived in the New World in 1504 in Hispaniola, then under Spanish rule. Cortes is better known for his conquering of the Aztec Empire in present-day Mexico in 1521.

How old was Cortes when he sailed from Spain to cuba?

around 18