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General William Sherman

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Q: Cut a path of destruction through Georgia on his march to the sea?
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What Union general who burned a path of destruction through Georgia?


What happened during general shermans march to the sea?

Destruction of the farms and railroads of Georgia, to help starve the Confederates in the field. When news of the march reached Lee's army in Virginia, many Georgia-born troops felt they were needed at home, and deserted in large numbers. The march ended with the liberation of the blockade-runners' port of Savannah.

12 fact about civil war battle March to the sea?

idk 12 but here i go. Sherman cut a path of destruction throught Georgia at some places 60 mi wide. they burned and pillaged towns and killed cattle.

What characterizes General William Tecumesh Sherman's march across Georgia?

He destroyed everything in his path

How large was Sherman's path of destruction?

US Major General William T. Sherman's march to the sea covered most of the land southwest of Atlanta Georgia to the Atlantic Ocean port city of Savannah. He also marched and assaulted much of South Carolina.

Who was the union general who marched through Georgia burning everything in his path?

William T. Sherman

Who cut a path sixty miles wide through Georgia to the Atlantic ocean?

General Sherman

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