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The Declaration of Independence document can be used to argue for quitting. The Declaration of Independence document is used only for Theory and Natural rights.

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Q: Declaration of Independence could this document be used to argue for quitting?
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How can the Declaration of Independence could be usef to argue against quitting?

There is not a way to use The Declaration of Independence to argue against quitting. It is only a document that states the independence of a state.

What is the main argument made in the declaration of independence?

Argue that a new government was necessary to protect the rights of the people.

The main purpose of the Declaration of Independence was to?


How did John Locke James Otise and Alexander Hamilton contribute to the Declaration of Independence?

They had a pice of paper and agreed and argue alot

How can you use this documenter to argue that Alexander was great?

Please tell us first which document you are referring to.

How can you use the map to argue that Alexander was no great document A?

How can you use the map to argue that Alexander was great?

What did John Locke argue was inherent to every person?

John Locke believed that all people had the certain right to life, liberty, and property. The Declaration of independence borrowed this idea, changing "property" to "the pursuit of happiness".

What role did John Adams and Benjamin Franklin play in the writing of the declaration?

John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson had been assigned the task of writing the Declaration of Independence. John Adams was a brash courtroom lawyer wanting to argue out every point. Thomas Jefferson was a quiet scholar wanting to reason his way through the problem. Benjamin Franklin could see the issues and solve problems almost instantly. He saw that Adams and Jefferson could not work together and assigned Jefferson the job of writing the Declaration. When Jefferson finished the Declaration, Franklin and Adams went over it and made suggestions and changes, but the document was basically Jefferson's.

How can you use document B to argue that Alexander was great?

Where is dicument B.

How might you use this document to argue that Magellan was worth defending?

his dick was small

What was the purpose of the Mecklenburg Declaration?

It had the purpose of declaring North Carolina independent from Great Britain. There is however much debate on the document's authenticity and several historians argue that the existing document may be only a copy, and a rewritten and adjusted copy at that which freely borrowed from the later US declaration's text. But newspaper accounts from the period mention a declaration that was in fact drawn up by North Carolina at the time and there is no way of being sure whether this is a rewrite or not, since the surviving copy dates from only a few decades later and claims to be a true transcript of the (lost) original.

Why was John Hancock on the King's wanted list?

he was the first to sign The Declaration of Independencehe was the president of the first and second continental congresshe was the first to sign the declaration of independence! woo hoo!!Signer of the Declaration of Independence who was also a wealthy Massachusetts merchant who liked to defy the British authorities. He was also president of the Continental Congress and governor of Massachusetts. His main contribution, however, to the American Revolution was using his fortune to help finance the struggle