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A pluralist would be expected to argue that issues and power distribution are tied and that both government and non-government organizations try to influence politics. They also argue that while things may be unequal socially that they are equally dispersed politically.

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Q: What would a pluralist be expected to argue?
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Is the US elitist theories or pluralist theories?

Type your answer here... pluralist is the best example of American gv't but elite also wiorks some stages

IS the US elitism or pluralist? is

In contrast to elitist theories what kind of theories of power argue that power is spread among many people?


What kind of theories of power argue that power is spread among many people in contrast to elitist theories?

Pluralist theories of power argue that power is dispersed among various groups and individuals in society, rather than being concentrated in the hands of a small elite group. Pluralist theorists believe that power is distributed across different stakeholders, interest groups, and institutions, leading to a more decentralized and democratic distribution of power. They emphasize the role of competition and negotiation among these diverse actors in shaping public policy and decision-making processes.

What is pluralist view?

A pluralist view is one which accepts (or, at least, accomodates) more than one viewpoint. Typically, divergent views are incorporated into a thesis, an argument, or even a functioning government, to name a few. An antonym for "pluralist view" would be "singular view".

What does the pluralist theory states?

the state in which there is democracy is simply called a pluralist state.

What theory of power argue that power is spread among many people?

The theory of government that argues that power is spread among different groups within a society is known as the pluralist theory.

What is a pluralist?

Pluralist Approach states that in power, nothing categorical about power can be assumed in any community

An important idea of pluralist theory is that?

The main idea of the pluralist theory is defined by who is running the government. Pluralist theory says that a group of people run the government instead of just one person.

Does France have a pluralist or majoratarian democracy?

France has a pluralist democracy system. This is whereby there is competition for all who are interested in leadership.

If majoritarian decision making would reduce the size of the national bureaucracy pluralist decision making?

increases it

Hard pluralist in ER?

What is the question?