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Updated: 8/19/2023
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The Townshend Acts,

The British Government called for new taxes in 1776. SO Parliament passed the Townshend Acts.

The Townshend Acts said that the colonist had to pay taxs on all tea, paper, glass, lead, and paint imported from Britain.

SO basically the Townshend acts made people pay taxes on certain items, people hated the new taxes and they could not afford them. So The Colonist Buycotted the tea (refused to buy it)

Which lead to other events but that was mostly all about the townshend acts taxes boycott which i think it lead to the tea act all taxes where off exept for the tea.

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The townshend act is an act imposed in 1767 close to the revolutionary war which taxed on glass, lead, paper, paint and tea imported into the colonies.

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Q: Define townsend acts
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When was the Townsend acts?

the townsend acts was passed in 1767

When was townsend act?

the townsend acts was passed in 1767

What did the Townsend acts tax what?

Imported Goos(:

How did Americans protest the Townsend act?

Imports acts

What method did the colonist use to protest the Townsend acts?


Where did the townshend act take place?

The Townsend Acts pertained to the British Colonies in 1767 (The entire east coast of North America). The biggest thing you will hear about the Townsend Acts is the Boston Tea Party, which was a boycott of the restriction put in place by the Townsend Acts.

Why did the British repeal the Townsend Acts?

because they were getting no money

Was the Townsend acts responsible for the Boston massacre?

No. The townshend acts were not responsible for the Boston massacre. the Boston massacre was just a deadly riot. then the townsend acts was just like the king housing the redcoats without paying. they relly had no interjection between them.

What document criticized the Townsend acts as infringements?

Massachusetts "Circular Letter".

What did Parliament pass to keep the colonists from moving westward?

Townsend acts

What was ignored by the Ohio company -navigation acts Townsend acts intolerable acts proclamation of 1763?

The Proclamation of 1763 . . . . SOS Huh? YUP! thanks

What British tax remained after Townsend acts were repealed?

What did the Tea Act of 1773 do