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the pure melting point of puresticalated zinc is .... 692k or 419.5 degrees celcius.

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Q: How did the Townsend acts lead to the revolution war?
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How did The Intolerable Acts lead to the American revolution?

It angered the Americans to the point of war

How did intolerable acts lead to the American Revolution?

It angered the Americans to the point of war

Why did the Russian revolution lead to ww1?

The Russian Revolution did not lead to World War 1, as the Bolshevik Revolution took place in 1917, 3 years into the war.

What happened after the townsend act?

It, along with the stamp and tea acts, caused the colonists to riot, leading to the revolutionary war.

How did the plantation lead to the revolutionary war?

Plantations didn't lead to the revolution.

Why did the townsend acts of 1767 upset the colonist?

To make the Americans pay for British involvement in the French and Indian War, or the Seven Years War.

How did the townsheds acts lead to the Civil war?

The Townshend Acts didn't lead to the Civil War.The Townshend Acts were passed by the British Parliament before the American Revolution; long story short, they tried to raise taxes on the American Colonists, and the American Colonists didn't think it was fair for Parliament to raise taxes on them but they couldn't vote in Parliament's elections- "no taxation without representation", as the saying goes.So the Townshend Acts were one of the major contributing factors to the start of the American Revolution, not the US Civil War. You could make the case that without the Townshend Acts, there wouldn't have been a USA and then the USA couldn't have had its Civil War.

How does the great awakening lead to independence?

by the revolution war

How did war help lead to revolution in russia?


What did the bolshevik revolution lead to?

cicil war in russia

How did the Scientific revolution lead to the Revolutionary war?

It Didn't.

How did England handle the problems after the french nd Indian war?

In order to pay off their war debt they heavily taxed the colonist and past many acts which were unfair to the colonists. These acts include the intolerable acts, the townsend acts, and also other taxes such as the stamp,tea ETC...