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An amendment has to be proposed by the national government and the state governments before the Constitution gets amended. First, the amendment has to be approved by the national level, usually Congress. Then it must be proposed to the states where they can chose to ratify it or reject it.

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Amendment 1 (1791)-Freedom to practice religion and freedom of speech, of the press, and the right to assemble, along with the right to petition.

Amendment 2 (1791)-The right to keep a militia (only if necessary, in other words, not in times of peace) and the right to bear arms.

Amendment 3 (1791)-No soldier will be quartered in any house in times of peace without the owner's consent, nor in times of war, unless prescribed by law.

Amendment 4 (1791)-Rights of people to be secure in their homes against unreasonable searches and seizures, and no search warrants shall be issued unless certain requirements are met.

Amendment 5 (1791)-Rights of accused people, such as no person shall be held to answer to a capital, nor shall any person be subject for the same offense twice, nor shall any person be derived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.

Amendment 6 (1791)-Rights to a speedy, public trial--right of a trial before being convicted for a crime.

Amendment 7 (1791)-In suits of common law, trial by jury will still be a right to the people.

Amendment 8 (1791)-Limits the fines and punishments of the juries so that they are not too harsh.

Amendment 9 (1791)-Certain rights in the constitution (rights of the people) shall not be used to deny other rights to the people (in other words, one right cannot be used to deny someone of another right).

Amendment 10 (1791)-Powers not given to the US government or the State governments will be the people's powers.

Amendment 11 (1798)-Protects states from lawsuits filed by citizens of other states or countries.

Amendment 12 (1804)-Requires separate electoral ballots for electing the President and Vice-President.

Amendment 13 (1865)-Bans slavery and the holding of slaves.

Amendment 14 (1868)-Defines American citizenship and citizens' rights.

Amendment 15 (1870)-Stops national and state governments from denying the vote based on race.

Amendment 16 (1913)-Allows Congress to collect income tax.

Amendment 17 (1913)-Establishes direct election of U.S. senators.

Amendment 18 (1919)-Prohibits making, selling, and shipping Alcoholic Beverages (repealed by the 21 amendment).

Amendment 19 (1920)-Extends the vote to women.

Amendment 20 (1933)-Changes date for starting new Congress and inaugurating new president.

Amendment 21 (1933)-Repeals Amendment 18).

Amendment 22 (1951)-Limits terms president can serve to two.

Amendment 23 (1961)-Gives citizens of Washington, D.C., right to vote in primary elections.

Amendment 24 (1964)-Bans poll taxes.

Amendment 25 (1967)-Sets procedures for presidential succession.

Amendment 26 (1971)-Gives 18-years-olds right to vote in federal and state elections.

Amendment 27 (1992)-Limits ability of Congress to increase its pay.

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The method by which all 27 amendments have been proposed is to first have them introduced on the floor of Congress. From here the amendments are made into laws through a ratification process.

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Q: Describe the method all 27 amendments have been purpose?
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What is called by Congress is a method for proposing amendments that has never been used.?

National Convention

Which method of proposing and ratification have 26 of the 27 amendments been adopted by?

proposal by initiative.

What was the the purpose of the 7 amendments?

there were actually ten amendments to begin with, but more have been added since. They were written to state and protect the rights of the people.

Which method of amending the constitution has been use for all but one of its formal amendments?

The method of formal amendment that has only been used once is by a proposition by Congress and ratification by conventions, called for that purpose, in 3/4 of the states. The only time it was used was for the 21st amendment of the Constitution.

The only method of amending the Constitution that has been used to date is by?

The only method that has been used to propose amendments to the Constitution has been by a two-thirds vote in both houses of Congress. The second method, which has never been used, calls for two-thirds of all state legislatures to call for a Constitutional convention.

What are the two steps involving in the second method of amending the Constitution?

Article V of the U.S. Constitution allows amendments to be proposed by a constitutional convention called for by two-thirds of the state legislatures. This is a very uncommon method and has not been used for any of the present amendments.

What are the differences and similarities of the constitution of the US and Florida?

The U.S. and Florida constitutions both have a preamble (an introduction that states the purpose and goals of government), articles (sections that describe the powers and functions of the government), and amendments (changes that have been made to the constitution).

The constitution allows congress to call a convention to propose an amendment if it has been requested by a two thirds majority vote of?

both houses of Congress or by two thirds of the state legislatures. This method of proposing amendments is known as a constitutional convention. However, to date, no constitutional convention has been called through this method, and all 27 amendments to the Constitution have been proposed by Congress.

Which method of amendment ratification has been used most often?

Ratification by state legislatures has been used for all amendments except the 21st. The 21st anemdment was ratified by the state conventions.

What amendments were added in 1999?

Many amendments have been added but I am more curiois about the amendments since 1999!

What were the two amendments?

There have been a lot more than two amendments.

How many amendments to the constitution have been ratified?

only 27 of the 31 amendments proposed have been ratified