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Your founding father dudes split up the powers into an Executive branch ( da Prez)

a Legislative branch ( your ELECTED Congress: the House and the Senate)

and a Judicial Branch ( the Supreme Court, etc)

The plan: no more Kings or hereditary leaders. (You ELECT your prez, sort of).

Oh yes, and may I apologize for that little mis-understanding and fire, back in 1812.

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The Framers limited government power by creating a federal structure (federalism) that divided the responsibilities for governing between the national and state governments. In addition, the national government's power was limited by dividing its functions among three branches according to a principle called separation of powers. Finally, the Framers created a system of checks and balances by which the actions of one branch might be blocked by another.

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i only know two of the ways

1. separation of powers

2. checks and balances

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The Preamble, the articles , and the amendments.

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Q: Describe the three ways that framers of the constitution divided the responcibilities of governing?
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IT divided into 3 branches---legislative(congress) to make the bill,executive(president) to carry out the law,and the explain the law..... Answer....

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The US Constitution is the governing document of the USA. Many nations long after the American Revolution and the creation of the US Constitution, have created governing documents that are similar to the Constitution. What is significant and "good" about the Constitution is that the central government is divided into three parts thereby not allowing any one branch overpower another.Based on the Constitution, citizens vote on the US president position as well as for Representatives and Senators for each state in the US. The US Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and of religion. These are major parts of this document.

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The term "federalism" is also used to describe a system of government in which sovereignty is constitutionally divided between a central governing authority and constituent political units (such as states or provinces).

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The U.S. Constitution

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