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Medical aid Like HIV/AIDS

and helping education in Africa

and pop culture effecting teens in Africa

and they're wearing shirts and pants instead of traditional clothing

rohit arja

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Of course; every group than immigrates changes the culture. African immigrants (whether slaves or not) brought many changes to American culture. The most obvious are probably in food and music; in both areas, we can still see African influences today.

To some degree, you might attribute some of the changes in American culture that came from slavery to Africans, although it could be that the same changes would have occurred regardless of who the slaves were (for example, if they were from Asia rather than Africa). These changes include the rise of plantations, and all the other issues, large and small, that come from having slaves.

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Q: Did Africans influence American culture
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Where do people of Brazil get culture influence from?

European , Portugueses , Africans and native Indians

What was considered a significant influence within Native American culture?

what was considered a significant influence in native american culture

On what was African American culture based?

Africans kept many customs and beliefs from their homelands. These customs and beliefs became the basis of African-American culture.

What were the most important contributions enslaved Africans made to American culture?

FrieD chicken

How did Germans influence American culture?

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How did immigrants influence American culture?

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What is Brazil's culture is largely?

The Brazilian culture is rich from the influence of Portuguese settlers, Africans and Native Brazilians. However, the Portuguese influence is significant as can be seen from the wide spread of Catholicism in Brazil. Portuguese is the countryâ??s official language.

Why was African culture influence strong on rice plantations in South?

African cultural influence was strong because many Africans worked on the rice farms and they had it around them all the time.

According to the negro digs up his past the remote racial origins of African American are important because?

of their influence on the early development of culture. -apex

How did enslaved africans keep africans history and culture alive?

Enslaved Africans kept African history and culture alive by telling stories.

How did the africans slaves influence on American music?

They came over to America and played their music and then the Americans caught on and started making music that sounded kind of like the africans music.

The influence of african culture on some areas of Latin America was largely a result of?

The influence of African culture on some areas of Latin America was largely a result of the transatlantic slave trade, through which millions of Africans were forcibly brought to the region. Africans contributed significantly to the cultural fabric of Latin America through their traditions, music, dance, religion, and cuisine, which became integrated with local customs. This fusion of African and indigenous cultures created the rich cultural diversity that characterizes many countries in Latin America today.