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then you woldnt be doing this now

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Q: How did new computer technology change American culture How did it influence individual lives?
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Does everyone have the right to access to technology?

There is no "right" to access technology at all. AnswerIf there is not a right to such technologies, how about the ICESCR? Answer The "right" to access technology is limited by the technology and those who control it. What is technology? And what limits should be imposed on the access to it? PC's and cell phones are technology. Scientific research and the information produced are technology. And the net is technology. There are many more examples. The world wide web, which is can be accessed by just about anyone with a computer or "linked" personal communications device, is being used by anyone who reads this. And the web has been and continues to be used by individuals, groups and organizations for the expansion of violence against perceived "enemies" of their cause. Technology includes the chemistry of lethal compounds. And the design and construction of nuclear weapons. And the developmental techniques behind the generation of biological agents. All of these represent aspects of technology. And there are more. I want to access all this information. I paid for it (as a taxpayer). I have a de facto right to the products of my patronage. Turn over the information. Now.

Which B.Tech branch is good for IoT?

B. Tech in Internet of Things (IOT) is easily considered to be the career of the future with respect to rapid advancements of technology. AP Goyal Shimla University provides this special course to create students with systematic knowledge of IOT, sensor network systems, among other things. Professionals should be able to apply theoretical knowledge in a real-life scenario to be able to perform network planning tasks for IOT. For more information, visit: B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering | Internet of Things (IOT) - APGSU

How has design changed?

Design has not really changed. It has always been a difficult creative activity. Modern technology, especially computers have changed completely the way designs are considered, recorded and communicated to the constructors. Computer modelling enables lots of alternative designs to be considered and compared easily. Computer drawing aids enable good drawings and pictures of the finished items to be produced. This is true whether a skyscraper, wallpaper or a road scheme is being designed.

What is Computer literacy rate in US?

96% of working adults use new communication technology as part of their daily life. While 62% of working Americans use the internet as part of their jobs. Despite this 28% of US households do not use the internet at all. Nearly one third of households lack broadband service.

What if you ate your computer?

u die

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What does CIM mean in design technology?

it means 'computer individual manufacture'

What is an American multinational computer technology corporation that specializes in developing and marketing computer hardware systems and enterprise software products?


Define computer technology law?

what is computer technology

What is the relationship of computer to technology?

A computer is a type of technology.

What contributions did von newman have on computer technology?

Von Newmann was a Mathmatician who worked for the American military, his contribution to the computer field was the BIT as the unit of measurement for computer memory.

In computer technology what does an embedded system do?

An embedded system can be thought of as a small component in a larger electrical framework. In a computer, for example, each individual component, such as the motherboard, functions as an embedded system within the computer.

Why computer technology has done more good than harm to mankind?

Computer technology has helped to develop and improve every industry that you can think of all across the world. The influence of computer technology is helping the shape the intellectual achievements and endeavours of man.Computer technology plays an important role in modern human society. Regardless of your level of interaction with technology, the influence of its use and deployment from virtually any geographical location; is widespread across the planet.Computer technology can be found amongst anything that is electrically driven; every electronic device or machine capable of delivering a specific task or range of abilities. As technology advances, so does the range of possibilities and new innovations.To define how computer technology has helped you as an individual is dependent on one's own personal needs. A person does not need technology to function but may rely on it to perform tasks in their daily lives. You are bound only by your interest in technology and your personal requirements when choosing technology that suits you.There are many negative aspects of computer technology including addiction, pollution, RSI, and many other issues associated with overuse.

What is services are offered by Dell?

Dell is an American company based in Texas and they sell desktop, laptop computers, printers and other electrical items. They deal in computer technology and they support businesses with software and hardware system development that are tailored to individual requirement.

Give you 3 subtopics on computer Technology?

give me three subtopics on computer technology

When was Wasatch Computer Technology created?

Wasatch Computer Technology was created in 1982.

What did Mary Shelley and lord and Byron and George Bowie have to do with the modern computer?

Mary Shelley, Lord Byron, and George Bowie did not have a direct influence on the development of the modern computer. Shelley wrote the novel "Frankenstein," which explored themes of technology and humanity. Byron and Bowie were not directly connected to computer technology, though their works and ideas may have contributed to the broader intellectual discourse around creation, innovation, and technology.

How does computer technology impact the planning of instructions?

Computer technology impacts the planning of instructions by organizing them. Computer technology can distribute instructions to the recipients within seconds.