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There is no "right" to access technology at all. AnswerIf there is not a right to such technologies, how about the ICESCR? Answer The "right" to access technology is limited by the technology and those who control it. What is technology? And what limits should be imposed on the access to it? PC's and cell phones are technology. Scientific research and the information produced are technology. And the net is technology. There are many more examples. The world wide web, which is can be accessed by just about anyone with a computer or "linked" personal communications device, is being used by anyone who reads this. And the web has been and continues to be used by individuals, groups and organizations for the expansion of violence against perceived "enemies" of their cause. Technology includes the chemistry of lethal compounds. And the design and construction of nuclear weapons. And the developmental techniques behind the generation of biological agents. All of these represent aspects of technology. And there are more. I want to access all this information. I paid for it (as a taxpayer). I have a de facto right to the products of my patronage. Turn over the information. Now.

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Q: Does everyone have the right to access to technology?
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I do think they should have the right because it helps students learn in a more fun way then just sitting and reading a book, everyone has the right to do something, but if a student has the access to technology they should be able to use it to learn.

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As technology has made such a large impact on our lives, there have been many debates about this over the years. A few years ago it was even said that the European Union was going to make internet access a human right. Personally because of what technology has done to the world I think everyone should at least have a chance to have access to it. Whether or not they decide to use it is another question, but everyone deserves the opportunity.

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No. Confidentiality means that information is kept from everyone except people with the legal right to access it.

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Everyone. Technology exists in every aspect of our life.

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access to capital, access to technology

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