Can technology be use to benefit everyone?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Can technology be use to benefit everyone?
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Who is responsible for enforcing policy that affects the use of a technology?

Everyone in a supervisory position is responsible for enforcing policy that affects the use of a technology.

What kind of technology do con artists use?

same as everyone else.

How does technology benefit your personal needs?

if ii need to use the computer for homework i can go to bing research it.

How might consumers benefit from the use of superconducting materials?

by providing consumers and workers with jobs and new technology methods

What are benefit and drawback of technology?


How did India benefit from western technology?

the benefits from western technology to the world

Do everyone use technology?

As technology has made such a large impact on our lives, there have been many debates about this over the years. A few years ago it was even said that the European Union was going to make internet access a human right. Personally because of what technology has done to the world I think everyone should at least have a chance to have access to it. Whether or not they decide to use it is another question, but everyone deserves the opportunity.

How far can poorer countries benefit from scientific technology?

Poor countries can benefit from a limited amount of scientific technology. They do not have the resources to utilize higher levels of technology, but they can benefit from things that improve the quality of food production, health care, and sanitation.

Does technology benefit from science?

Yes. The root of technology is science . As science evolves, technology also evolves .

What is the tax benefit of a car donation?

Not everyone can get a tax benefit and if you do the amount can vary.

Using a Good Cable Wireless Router?

Have you wondered how you can utilize the technology of a cable wireless router in your home? There are people who truly don't know how this technology can benefit them, and this can be problematic if you can really use this form of technology in your house at some point.

Why can't technology be used to benefit?

technology is a benefit but like ever thing else it has disadvantages. With advancements in technology people start to rely on it more and let things like computers do all the work for them.