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have u heard of Google ..............

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Q: Did everyone benefit from the British Empire?
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Did Australia benefit from the british empire?

i was gna ask the same ting init

Did Gandhi lake the British empire?

no he hates them like everyone else

Did the colonies benefit from the british empire?

Well the 'colonies' did not exist before so yes.

What was the worst bit of the British Empire?

The English Army were defeating everyone they were fighting with which left people with nothing and many innocent people were killed. The British Empire was eventually abolished when the people of England eventually released that they couldn't just kill people for no reason. Everyone started to follow this reasoning and were against the killings so there was no other option than for the British Empire to be stopped altogether.

When did Uganda become part of the British empire?

a very long time ago!! But the question is why did it become part of the british empire!! Have a lovley day to everyone!!

Why was kind Henry vii significant?

the british got slaves,wool,spices,wheat,jewels,rubber, silver,gold,food resources as benefit of the british empire. - JUST GOOGLE IT ?

What is Britain empire called?

It was known as the British Empire. When the empire started to fall apart, the British Commonwealth/Commonwealth of Nations was created.

Who is queen of the British Empire?

The British Empire does not exist anymore.

How did the British benefit from such a huge empire?

The British, in spreading Christianity & Cricket to the world, became the most commercially powerful nation on earth. Those were the days ! It remains my opinion, however, thet the British disposal of Empire has been handled as well as any. The British, generally speaking, are regarded internationally, as not a bad lot. I cite the position of Mozambique, never part of the Empire, well not Britains' Empire anyway, which joined the Commonwealth. And it's the Commonwealth which remains as Britains achievement in History.

Where did the british empire control an entire continent?

north America The British Empire controlled an entire continent in Australia. The British Empire was the largest empire in history.

Why isn't Israel in the British Commonwealth?

The British Commonwealth is a group of nations that were formerly part of the British Empire's colonial system. While it's true that the UK governed the area where Israel is located, there simply is no reason or benefit to belong to this organization.

How did the British empire lose land?

Why did The British Empire lose their land?