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Yes, he was a British officer in the French and Indian War. When the American Revolution came along he went to Congress and used his experience in the French and Indian war to get the job as commander of colonial troops.

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Q: Did George Washington fight in any wars?
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Was George Washington in any wars?

He was commander of the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War.

How many wars did George Washington fight?

George Washington was in two wars. The French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War. He was only a field grade officer during the French and Indian War. He tried to become an officer in the British Army. However, he got denied. Then when America started to pull away from Britian, George Washington declared his alligence to America and its cause. The people declared him the commanding general of the Continental Army. He then went on to fight and lead the army in the Revolutionary War.

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George Washington FLVS:)

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