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george washing didnt realy had a wooden.

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Q: Did George Washington have a wooden leg?
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Who was the president with wooden leg?

George Washington

Did George Washington had a wooden teeth?

That was George Washington who had wooden teeth.

Who invented the wooden wheel?

George Washington invented th wooden wheel.

Who was famous and had wooden teeth?

George Washington

Was President George Washington's silverware used to make fillings?

No. (the legend is that George Washington had WOODEN dentures)

Something interesting about George Washington?

He had wooden teeth.

Did George Washington have anything special about his appearance?

Wooden teeth.

Did Martha Washington have real teeth?

Yes, some believe George Washington had Wooden Teeth!

What happened at the inauguration of George Washington?

He forgot to put his wooden teeth in

Did George Washington throw a coin across the potomac?

His wooden teeth.

What president was called the father of his country and wore wooden dentures?

George Washington

What is something interesting that most people do not know about George Washington?

He had wooden teeth.