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Yes. James Buchanan nominated two men to serve on the US Supreme Court during his Presidency. The first, Nathan Clifford, was nominated on December 9, 1857 and confirmed by the Senate in a 26-23 vote on January 12, 1858.

The second nomination, that of Attorney General Jeremiah S. Black, proved to be more controversial. Buchanan nominated Black to replace Justice Daniel on February 5, 1861, during his lame duck term, and just a month prior to newly elected Abraham Lincoln's inauguration (Inauguration Day was held on March 4 from 1798 until 1933). Because Black was a Northerner who opposed abolition, he was unpopular with the Senate. Black's nomination was rejected by a vote of 26-25, leaving Daniel sitting on the bench until July of 1862, when he was replaced by Lincoln nominee Samuel Miller.

Interestingly, James Buchanan, himself, was nominated to the US Supreme Court by President James K. Polk in 1844. Buchanan, who had Presidential aspirations, declined the nomination and the vacancy was ultimately filled by Robert Cooper Grier.

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Q: Did James Buchanan appoint anyone to the US Supreme Court?
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