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Locke believed that absolute power could corrupt otherwise good people. Locke spoke often of a "state of nature" or absolute freedom. People in such a state exist outside of any law and are prone to be quarrelsome and violent. When an entire population is in the state of nature most people will attempt to peacefully coexist but some will resort to violence to obtain their needs and wants. An totalitarian leader would also exist in a state of nature, though by himself having no law above him. This is the worst of all situations because such a person has the ability to do whatever he wants with little the fear of revenge.

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he thought it was good because he liked humans and God so people could love eachother. he also like panguins. which are awesome

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john Locke believe that human nature is inherently good.

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Q: Did John Locke think humankind was good or bad?
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Who believed that all men are born free and are basically good?

john Locke

What is a good slogan for John Locke?

Unlock your freedom with john locke!

According to John Locke rulers have the authority to enforce law?

In Locke's opinion, rulers only had the authority to enforce law if it was for the public good. John Locke was an English philosopher.

What was john Locke's view of children?

children are born good

What Enlightenment philosopher believed in the common good or general will?

John Locke

What what did John locke want to happen in American government?

He whanted a good government and a good society

Did john Locke think people were good or bad?

He thought that people were born "Tabula Rasa" or like a blank slate. The environment in which one lives influences weather one is good or bad.

What two ideas of Locke won the attention of many intellectuals?

John Locke was a prominent philosopher who espoused the ideas of the Social Contract, as well as popular sovereignty. The founding fathers included both of these ideas within the American Constitution.

Did John Locke believe in God?

John Locke didn't believe in any religion. He was a philosopher and a writer who believed that a good government is based on a social contract between the people and the rulers.

Who believe that men were basically good and that they were born free before government existed?

john Locke.

Who believed that men were basically good and and that they were born free before government existed?

john Locke.

Did John Locke and Margaret Albu have children?

His mother, Agnes Keene had two more children, Peter (who died in infancy) and Thomas in 1637, a good 5 years after John Locke's birth.