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Yes. They did get married.

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Q: Did Johnny Tremain and Priscilla Lapham get married?
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What action did Mrs Lapham and Dorcas take in Johnny Tremain?

Dorcas eloped with Frizel Jr. and Mrs. Lapham married Mr. Tweedie.

Who played isannah lapham in the Johnny Tremain movie?

Isannah Lapham didn't appear in the movie, although she was in the books.

Where does Johnny Tremain recuperate from his burn?

Johnny recuperates from his burn in the Lapham's birth and death room.

Who are the main characters in Johnny Tremain?

The main character in "Johnny Tremain" is Johnny Tremain, a young apprentice silversmith who becomes involved in the American Revolutionary War. Other key characters include Rab Silsbee, a fellow apprentice and friend of Johnny, Mr. Lapham, Johnny's master silversmith, and Cilla Lapham, Mr. Lapham's granddaughter who becomes a significant person in Johnny's life.

What is Johnny Tremain's family tree?

Johnny Tremain's family tree includes his parents, Mrs. and Mr. Lyte, his grandfather's family, with his deceased parents, and his uncle Mr. Lapham, Mrs. Lapham, and their daughters, Cilla and Isannah.

Who is mr tweedie in Johnny Tremain?

the man who ms. lapham wanted to marry one of her older daughters off to

Who is Sergeant Gale in Johnny Tremain book?

Sargeant Gale is a British soldier who goes marry Madge Lapham

Who is dorcas in the book called Johnny Tremain?

Dorcas is one of miss Lapham's daughters, she marries Frizzel jr.

How did Mrs. Lapham treat Johnny Tremain after the accident?

Mrs. Lapham treats Johnny poorly after the accident. She thinks it is too expensive to keep him around now that Johnny can no longer do silversmith work. It is not because she is mean, it is more that she is worried about family expenses.

What job did Johnny get in the book Johnny Tremain?

Johnny Tremain becomes an apprentice to a silversmith, Mr. Lapham, in the book "Johnny Tremain." He learns the trade and works as a talented silversmith before joining the colonial forces during the American Revolution.

How did Cillia Lapham and Rab Silsbee influence Johnny's character and personality in the book Johnny Tremain?

Rab made Johnny want to stop being so mean with words.

In Johnny Tremain how does Johnny get kicked out of the Lapham house?

Cuz he was handicapped and he couldn't do notin anymore so ms.lapham didnt want him cuz he wasnt of good use