Did Lord Shaftesbury marry

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes he got married to Diane Jones and had 3 children

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Q: Did Lord Shaftesbury marry
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When was Shaftesbury born?

Lord Shaftesbury was born in 1801 Lord Shaftesbury was born in 1801

Who was lord shaftesbury married to?

lord shaftesbury married Sarah lof

Why was lord shaftesbury called lord shaftesbury?

because he liked the name

How many children did lord Shaftesbury have?

Lord Shaftesbury had 9 children.

What is Lord shaftesbury's first name?

Lord Shaftesbury, the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury, was Anthony Ashley-Cooper (1801-1885)

When did shaftesbury die?

Lord Shaftesbury died in 1855

Why was Lord Shaftesbury a Lord?


How did lord shaftesbury get his name?

Lord Shaftesbury got his name after his parents decided that was what he would be called.

What age did lord shaftesbury become an MP?

lord shaftesbury became a mp at the age of 25

Who is lord shaftesbury in the Victorians?

Lord Shaftesbury is a famous Victorian who helped save children in child labour.

Did lord shaftesbury have children?


Where was lord shaftesbury born?

Lord Shaftesbury was born in Grosvenor Square in London on 28 April 1801. He was born Anthony Ashley Cooper, and became the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury.