Did Miep Gies have a kid?

Updated: 8/18/2023
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Miep Gies has one child and his name is Paul Gies

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Yes, in 1950 she had a son named Paul and that was her only son.

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Q: Did Miep Gies have a kid?
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Was Miep Gies adopted?

Yes Miep Gies was adopted.

How tall is Miep Gies?

Miep Gies is 4' 11".

How do you pronounce the name of Anne Frank helper Miep Gies?

Miep Gies (when properly pronounced, Miep rhymes with "keep" and Gies sounds like "geese")

Where is Miep Gies founder of Anne Franks diary enteries?

miep gies

Where did Miep Gies die at?

Miep Gies died at Holocaust, Anne Frank

What is Miep Gies's birthday?

Miep Gies was born on February 15, 1909.

Miep gies resting place?

Miep Gies is still alive and will be 100 on February 15, 2009! Miep gies died on January 11 2010

What is the birth name of Miep Gies?

Miep Gies's birth name is Santrouschitz, Hermine.

Where did miep gies work?

Miep Gies worked as Otto Frank's assistant in his office.

What are two adjectives of Miep Gies?

Miep Gies was very caring and sincere

What was Miep Gies's hair color?

Miep Gies had brown hair.

What was the name of the man Miep Gies married?

Miep Gies married Jan Gies. Jan Gies helped hide Anne Frank and her family during World War II.