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8 people were hiding. The Frank family, 2 daughters, and both parents. The local dentist mr. feffer, and another mr. and ms. vaan pels and their son peter. the franks and van daans entered the annex on June 29th 1940 and were later joined by the denist who anne refers to as mr. dussel in her diary.

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Miep Gies hid them.

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2 years and one month.

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Q: How long did the Franks hide?
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Who was arrested for helping the Franks hide from the Nazis?

Meip was arrested for helping the Franks

Where did Mipe Gies let the Franks hide?

the secret annex

What are some of Anne franks?

she had to hide for more than 3 years

Why did the franks family hide?

because Adolf Hitler had wanted to get rid of the Jew's.

How long franks family hide for in the secret annex?

they hid from 1942 14 august to 1944 4 august - so 10 days short from 2 years

Who was they other person to help the Franks hide?

Then Daan's were in the hideout, so they were in on it and it was at her fathers company.

Who hide the franks?

well i think it was somebody that a family member or a really close friend to them

How long were the franks hiding for?


Where did Jews hide form the Nazis?

well ann frank and her family hid in , her father otto franks office

Is Mr Dussle in the attic with the frank and van daan family?

Mr. Dussle did hide in the Secret Annex with the Franks. However he did not go into hiding at the same time the Franks did. The Franks went first, then the Van Daans, then Mr. Dussle became the 8th member several months later.

Why would the Franks hide?

During the early 1940's, Nazi Germany was rounding up and killing all the Jews they could find, a process known today as the Holocaust. The Franks were a Jewish family and they did not wish to be killed.

How long did the Franks live in hiding?

2 years.