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The Van Pels joined the Franks in hiding on July 13, 1942

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July 6, 1942 is the date the went into hiding.

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November 16th 1942 about 3 months after the Franks and Van Pels did

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Q: When did the Van Pels join the franks in hiding?
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How long did the Franks hide?

8 people were hiding. The Frank family, 2 daughters, and both parents. The local dentist mr. feffer, and another mr. and ms. vaan pels and their son peter. the franks and van daans entered the annex on June 29th 1940 and were later joined by the denist who anne refers to as mr. dussel in her diary.

How did aguste van pels die?

Auguste van Pels (Petronella van Daan) was sent from Auschwitz in Poland to Bergen-Belsen in Hanover, Germany. She was then sent to Buchenwald circa March 1945, and she was sent to Theresienstadt. Her date/place of death is unknown but she apparently died soon after arrival or on the journey to Theresienstadt.

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Related questions

When did the van peels join the franks?

The van Pels (also known as the van Daans) joined the Frank family in hiding in July 1942, a month after the Franks went into hiding. They shared the secret annex with the Franks until they were arrested in August 1944.

What was the famly called that joined the franks in the annex?

The family was called the Van Pels family. They joined the Franks in hiding in the annex during World War II.

Who is peter van pels'es dad?

Peter Van Pels was a boy who lived in "the secret annex" with Anne Frank and her family. Van Pels' father was Hermann Van Pels. He worked with Anne's father, so that was why the Franks' brought the Van Pels with them into their hiding place.

How did the van Pels family know about the hiding place that Anne franks family lived in?

Mr. Frank included Mr. van Pels in his planning almost from the beginning.

Was the van pels cat a tabby?

if u mean the vandaans, the people hiding with the franks, then yes it was a tabby

Who stayed in hiding with the franks?

Besides the Frank family, the van Pels family (mother, father and teenage son) and a dentist named Fritz Pfeffer shared the hiding place with the Franks.

Who joins the Franks and the Van Daans in hiding?

A dentist named Fritz Pfeffer, also known as Mr. Dussel, joins the Franks and the Van Daans in hiding at the Secret Annex in Amsterdam during World War II.

When did the van Pels go into the hiding?

The van Pels family went into hiding with the Frank family on July 13, 1942, in Amsterdam. They lived together in the Secret Annex for over two years before being discovered by the Nazis in August 1944.

Who was the boy who stayed with Anne Frank in hiding?

Anne and her family moved into the 'Secret Annexe" on the morning of Monday, 6 July 1942. On 13 July 1942, Hermann van Pels, Auguste van Pels and 16-year-old Peter joined the family in hiding. Fritz Pfeffer was the last member to join them in November. All eight of them lived there until August 4th, when they were discovered by the Nazis.

Who all stayed with the Frank's while they were hiding?

Anne Frank, her family (Otto, Edith, and Margot), and four other people (Hermann and Auguste van Pels, their son Peter, and Fritz Pfeffer) stayed in the Secret Annex while they were in hiding from the Nazis during World War II.

Who was the other family in the hiding place with the franks?

The van Pels (in diary known as van Daans) and Mr. Pfeffer (in diary known as Mr. Dussel) were in the secret annexe with the Franks. Merry Christmas! -22redroses

Who was the eighth person to go in hiding with the Franks and van Pels?

A German/Jewish dentist known to both families. His name was Fritz Pfeffer.