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her skills was crafting and researching papers.

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Im not sure

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Q: Did Molly Pitcher have any special skills?
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Did Molly Pitcher have any Education?

molly pitcher's education was learning how to cook and doing house work.

Does Molly Pitcher have any siblings?

yes she did

Did Molly Pitcher write any famous quotes.?

Yes. " These are the times that try mens souls" - Molly Pitcher

Did Molly Pitcher go to school?

Molly Ludwig Hayes otherwise known as Molly Pitcher never had any formal schooling. She was born in 1754 and died in 1832.

Does Molly Pitcher have any quotes other than These are the times that try mens' souls?

That is not a quote by Molly Pitcher; Thomas Paine said that.

Did Molly Pitcher fire any cannons?

Molly Pitcher was actually Mary Hayes, and yes, she fired her husband's cannon when he fell in the Battle of Monmouth.

Did Molly Pitcher have any siblings and what is their names?

she was an only child

Does Molly Pitcher have any interests?

hi i like cheese

Did Molly Pitcher and her family have any pets?

yes the had a monkey

Did Molly Pitcher have any daughters?

She didn't have any children that participated in the war!

What type of training did Molly Pitcher have?

There was not any specific training mentioned. However, Molly Pitcher training often consisted of artillery training, and water carrying to the soldiers.

Did Molly Pitcher face any problems in her life?

she didn't get any awards but Molly Pitcher was honored with an overprint reading "MOLLY / PITCHER" on a U.S. postage stamp. Molly was further honored in World War II with the naming of the Liberty ship SS Molly Pitcher, launched in 1943. It was used to encourage the use of the ration program and the purchase of treasury bonds during World War II. The stretch of US Route 11 between Shippensburg and Chambersburg, Pennsylvania is known as the Molly Pitcher Highway.