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Yes. After the war, he used slaves to run his Georgia Plantation, Mulberry Grove, But during the war, he strong supported freeing slaves if they agreed to fight for the American cause. Unfortunately, both the Georgia and South Carolina legislatures turned him down.

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Q: Did Nathanael Greene have slaves
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What were the names of nathanael greene?

Nathanael Greene

What were the names of nathanael greene's children?

Nathanael Greene

What was Nathanael Greene's parents name?

nathanael greene and Mary motts.

Who was Nathanael Greene?

Nathanael Greene (August 7, 1742 (N.S.)

When was Nathanael Greene born?

Nathanael Greene was born on August 7, 1742.

What was nathanael greene famous for?

Nathanael Greene was famous for fighting in the revolutionary war.

What is Nathanael Greene's birthday?

Nathanael Greene was born on August 7, 1742.

When did Nathanael Greene when he fought his first battle?

Nathanael Greene was 32 years old

What has the author Nathanael Greene written?

Nathanael Greene has written: 'The papers of General Nathanael Greene' -- subject(s): American Manuscripts, Archives, History, Manuscripts, Sources

When was General Nathanael Greene Homestead created?

General Nathanael Greene Homestead was created in 1774.

How many children did nathanael greene have?

General Nahanael Greene and his wife Caty had 6 children.

Did Nathanael Greene have any siblings?

Nathanael Greene was one of six brothers, and two half-brothers who died young.