Did Pharoahs have scribes

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Did Pharoahs have scribes
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Why were egyptian scribes important?

because in egypt people wanted to be succesful and pharoahs wanted to show power to people and be remembered in the future.

How did pharoahs become pharoahs?

pharoahs had to be born in the royal family and have royal blood

When was Village of the Pharoahs created?

Village of the Pharoahs was created in 1973.

Why were pharoahs mummified?

because they wanted to help the pharoahs pass on into the after-life

What pharaohs tombs have been found?

Egyptian Pharoahs are buried in the Valley of the Pharoahs, and not in pyramids as is popularly believed.

Who overthrew the pharoahs?

The Romans.

Where is the land of the pharoahs?


What was the Pharoahs responsibility?

being the king.

What do you call Egyptian kings?


How do egyptians call their kings?


What were the ancient Egypts leaders?

they were pharoahs

Who manages the pyramids in Egypt?

The Pharoahs