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Chinese scribes recorded history and events of daily life. These involved battles and everyday happenings.

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Q: What did Chinese scribes do?
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Who introduced the Chinese writing system to the Japanese?

Korean scribes

Where did scribes work?

Scribes worked in the Temple.

What were scribes skilled in?

Scribes were skilled in writing.

What were the ancient record keeping of Egypt?

Scribes were the record keepers for Pharohs and Dignitaries.

What was an ancient Egyptian civil servant called?

The civil servant from Ancient Egypt is called scribes or sekhau.

What beliefs did scribes have?

the beliefs that scribes had where Christianity and buddihsm!! losers

What is the ISBN of The Scribes from Alexandria?

The ISBN of The Scribes from Alexandria is 1842551906.

When was The Scribes from Alexandria created?

The Scribes from Alexandria was created in 2007.

Who kept records in Egypt?

osiris or scribes

What do scribes do in Israel?

In modern Israel, there are no scribes (just as there are no scribes in any other modern country). In Ancient Israel, scribes wrote down information for the government bureaucracy. At that time, literacy was incredibly low, so the scribes wrote and read for the leadership.

Did ancient Egypt have scribes?

Yes! Of course they did. Without the scribes, the world wouldn't have hieroglyphics. The scribes were in charge of recording everything down.

Did scribes teach egyptian kids hieroglyphics?

No. Scribes only taught other apprentice scribes. The general public was not taught how to read.