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No, she did not. One of her nicknames was "The Virgin Queen."

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Elizabeth I did not marry!

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Q: Did Queen Elizabeth the first marry?
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Who did Queen Elizabeth marry?

If it's the Tudor queen Elizabeth then she didn't marry

Who is Queen Elizbeth's husbend?

Elizabeth I did not marry.

Who was the first of Queen Elizabeth's children to marry?

Queen Elizabeth the First did not have any children Queen Elizabieth the Second. Princess Anne to Captain Mark Philips

Did Queen Elizabeth Marry Albert?


Did Queen Elizabeth marry?


Who killed marry the l?

She was executed after being tried and convicted of conspiring against her cousin, Queen Elizabeth the first, Queen of England.

Who were the three contenders to marry Queen Elizabeth the first?

Philipp of Spain King of Germany Robert Dudley

When did Queen Elizabeth marry Henry?

she didn't he was her father (:

Who was queen elizabiths 1st husband?

Elizabeth I did not marry.

Did king george marry Queen Elizabeth?

No, he was her father

Is queen Marry is the oldest sister Elizabeth?


What made queen Elizabeth 1 a better queen as she did not marry?

she was more confident