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For Which Country??

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Elizabeth I.

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Elizabeth I

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Q: Who was the queen in the 1590's?
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When did shakespeare write Henry the forth?

In the mid to late 1590s.

What was happening in the 1590s?

What was life in the capital city of England like in the 1590s?

The same as now, very smelly.

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Shakespeare wrote it in the 1590s (1595 or 1596).

What was the first tragedy Shakespeare wrote and when did he write it?

Titus Andronicus, which was believed to have been written in the early 1590s.

Who was Lord Mayor of London in the 1590s?

It depends on the year. For example, in 1594, the Lord Mayor of London was John Spencer.

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After the baptism of his children, Shakespeare again disappears from the history books for several years until he resurfaces in the early 1590s as a London-based playwright.

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The light microscope was invented around the 1590s by Zaccharias Janssen and his son Hans. It was later improved in 1609 by Galileo.

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