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His first wife had died due to lack of strength after giving birth, and it was his first wife's father that had wed the two. I guess you could say a mistake he made was asking his father-in-law to wed him to another woman, with ironically the same first name.

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Q: Did Samuel Adams make any major mistakes or bad discisons in his life?
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What was the major problem that adams faced in the election of 1800?

The major problem Adams faced in the 1800 election was his refusal to go to war against France. John Adams served as the 2nd U.S. President.

What effect did John Adams and the major domestic issues of his administrations have on the political direction of the country?

John Adams was a lawyer who was appointed for the defense shortly after the Boston Massacre, He later turned to defending the Colonists and travelled to France to gain the French alliance during the American Revolution against Britain. He later became the second president of the US.

What was not a major source of ideas for the Constitution?

The Magna Carta and England's unwritten constitution is a major source. The works of John Locke and other Englightenment philosophers is another. The founder's experiences in the Revolution and with the Articles of Confederation were also important. In terms of specifics, the Federalist Papers that Adams, Madison, and Jay wrote were very important.

Did William Samuel Johnson sign the Constitution?

No he didn't. He was an anti-federalist, he was against the constitution convention, but he was still a founding father. Monroe's opposition to the U. S. Constitution centered around three major issues. He felt the lack of a Bill of Right was a major omission, the Senate was too powerful and that the document should allow for the direct election of the President (no electoral college). Monroe voted against ratification, but that didn't stop him from running for the body on three different occasions (2 wins, 1 loss). He was closely aligned with Thomas Jefferson and James Madison against the Federalist faction led by John Adams and Alexander Hamilton.

Election of 1828?

Andrew Jackson was elected president over the incumbent President John Quincy Adams in 1828, Jackson won the popular vote 642,553 (56.0 %) to 500,.897(43.6) and won the electoral vote by 178 to 83. Jackson carried 15 states to Adams's 9. The election of 1828 signaled a power shift in presidential politics. Jackson was the first US president from a state other than Mass. and VA and he was the first that was not a founding father or the son of a founding father. This was the first election in which the Western settlers played a major role in choosing the president. It also saw the beginnings of national political parties and showed how partisan newspapers can influence elections. The Democratic-Republicans Party evolved into the Democrats who supported Andrew Jackson, and the National Republicans supported John Quincy Adams. There is a link to an article on the election below.

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Who was a Master propagandist and major organizer of colonial rebellion?

Samuel Adams

Who from Boston was a organizer of the tea party?

Samuel Adams of Boston (brother of John Adams) was a major organizer of the Boston Tea Party

What did Samuel Adams do as president of the state senate?

There is no record of Samuel Adams serving as president of the state senate. Adams primarily served as a political leader during the American Revolutionary War and later as governor of Massachusetts. However, he did play a major role in the drafting and ratification of the United States Constitution as a member of the Massachusetts Ratifying Convention.

What were some major events of Samuel Adams?

He signed the Declaration of Independence, the Boston Tea Party, and the First and Second Continental Congress!

Was Benjamin Franklin a Son of Liberty?

no. but john and Samuel Adams were part of it. hope this helps a little! (:

Who were the major players of of the American Revolution?

ANSWER:Some of the major players would include:Thomas Jefferson; John Adams; Benjamin Franklin; Samuel Adams; Paul Revere; George Washington; Molly Pitcher; John Hancock; Patrick Henry; Abigail Adams; Ethan Allen; William Henry Lee; Benedict Arnold; Thomas Paine; and Adam Smith.

When did Samuel C. Major die?

Samuel C. Major died in 1931.

When was Samuel C. Major born?

Samuel C. Major was born in 1869.

What was Samuel Adams famous for?

Samuel Adams is famous for the group called the Sons of Liberty, an early patriotic movement that engaged in tax resistance activities such as the Boston Tea Party (1773) and the burning of the revenue cutter HMS Gaspee (1772).

What was the major problem that adams faced in the election of 1800?

The major problem Adams faced in the 1800 election was his refusal to go to war against France. John Adams served as the 2nd U.S. President.

What did John Adams major in college?


John Adams major events?

he did nothing