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Thomas Hobbes was a monarchist who believed absolute power in the hands of a king or queen was the best form of government. He believed the only way manâ??s natural nastiness could be held in check was if there was a strong monarch in charge.

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What role did thomas hobbes play in democracy?

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Q: Did Thomas Hobbes believe in Democracy?
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What did thomas hobbes believe citizens must do in exchange for order?

Thomas Hobbes believed that citizens must give up some of their liberties to form order.

Why did Thomas Hobbes believe people needed governments?

there was chaos otherwise

Did thomas hobbes the author of leviathan believe in authoritarianism or in egalitarianism?


What were thomas hobbes?

what were thomas hobbes's ideas

What did Thomas Hobbes believe about social contract?

Thomas hobbes believed that it was human nature to be greedy and that we were to follow to rules given to us by our higher powers. He did not believe in the rights given to us from the idea of the social contract.

What was thomas hobbes nationality?

Thomas Hobbes was English.

What did Thomas Hobbes the English philosopher believe the state could not function without?

a head

When was Thomas Hobbes born?

Thomas Hobbes was born on April 5, 1588

What were hobbes?

what were thomas hobbes's ideas

What did Thomas Hobbes write that was so important?

what did Thomas Hobbes write?

Who was was Thomas Hobbes?

Thomas Hobbes is known for his work in political philosophy.

What is Thomas Hobbes country of origin?

Thomas Hobbes was born in Westport, Wiltshire, England in 1588.