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Thomas Hobbes wrote the book Leviathan.

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Leviathan is one of the most famous books written by Thomas Hobbes. Others include On the Citizen, and Of Man. Thomas Hobbes was an English philosopher.

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Q: What book did Thomas Hobbes write?
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What did Thomas Hobbes write that was so important?

what did Thomas Hobbes write?

What did Thomas Hobbes write?

Leviathan :]

Did thomas hobbes write the pamphlet common sense?

no, Thomas Paine did, based on John Lockes theory of the social contract of which originated from Thomas Hobbes'

What do people think of Thomas hobbes?

i think thomas hobbes is a very intelligent man! but his book the LEVIATHAN is very strang..

What are thomas hobbes achievements?

Thomas hobbes was a philosopher who believed in peace, love and friendship. he accomplished many things such as writing a book.

What were thomas hobbes?

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What Were Thomas Hobbes Major Achievements?

Thomas Hobbes was the first English translator of Thucycdidesi History of the Peloponnesian War. He is most famous for his 1651 book, Leviathan.

Who was the author that wrote the leviathon?

Thomas Hobbes Wrote the book Leviathon.

Why Thomas Hobbes is famous?

Hobbes is famous for writing the first fully articulated social contract theory, in his book Leviathan.

What were Thomas hobbes ideas?

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What were hobbes?

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When was Thomas Hobbes born?

Thomas Hobbes was born on April 5, 1588