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The following is copyrighted from my recently published book: The Never Realized Republic: An Analysis of Capitalism's Impact Upon Republican Virtue and the Federal Constitution. While the northern and southern colonies were essentially English, "between 1607 and 1642-a time of political and religious troubles in England-some 65,000 adventurous spirits went out to the English West Indies and the [American] mainland colonies."67 Ultimately there came to pass such a broad range of ethnic variety, the burgeoning colonies were slowly gaining an identity of being American. While the northern colonies of Plimoth and Massachusetts Bay, "were Englishmen of roughly similar social origins,"68 Pennsylvania and New York "came to represent the full ethnic range of Western Europe, while New England and the seaboard South remained essentially English in background."69 Of the political, economic, and religious (spiritual) motivations that brought so many to the New World not one was more or less important than the other. If we look to colonial charters, we find foundations of civil society and government, supporting the English heritage of religion, education, and manners that they brought with them.70 67 Meyers, ed., et al., Sources of the American Republic, 7. 68, ibid. 69, ibid. 70, See Chapter I above, 12. No, some were from other countries including: James Smith, George Taylor and Matthew Thornton all from Ireland and James Wilson and John Witherspoon from Scotland. And curiously, all of them are English surnames! ==

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Q: Did any of the Founding Fathers have British ancestry?
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Are there any quotes from the founding fathers about voting?

from Benjamin Franklin: "democracy is 2 wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!"

Were the founding fathers for or against the slave trade?

The question itself is not very fair. The founding fathers grew up in a time where male superiority was unquestioned. Most did not believe in votes for women due to the fact that it was not demanded or requested until a later time period. Most did not even address the sufferage movement. But, John Adams ( the first vice president) responded to a letter from his wife where he did not agree with the votes for women movement. In fact he discouraged his wife from pursuing the movement because of the political turmoil that was occurring (due to the Revolutionary War) and America did not need any more division between its citizens. They were probably neutral, but they weren't for it. That's for sure.

Did Samuel Chase rule a small or big government?

Neither. Samuel Chase was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and a signatory to the Declaration of Independence. He didn't rule any government; his highest position was Associate Justice on the US Supreme Court.

What coercive power did the founding Fathers put in the Constitution to protect themselves fom the violence of the masses?

I think this might be the section 8? yes it is near the bottem this a question for a take home test by any chance because i am writting about this right now lol

What was the founding fathers view of human nature?

The Founding Fathers of the United States of America did not have very much faith in human nature, humans are inherently evil and will always take and grab power. Also humans are inherently stupid and don't pay any attention into politics, and were very uneducated and not in any position to vote towards the right way to rule a country. Thus the founding fathers put checks and balances on both the government officials, who would grab more power as well as upon citizens who are stupid. they did not want stupid common man running government, they were far too untrusting of human nature. thus they set up things like the electoral college, a group of people who would be educated and research the candidates and then select the correct path or candidate to vote for.

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Did any of the founding fathers have pets?

no.none of the founding fathers have pets

What were the Founding Fathers of America's views on protocol?

The Founding Fathers of America did not express any views of protocol, but they did not appreciate the protocol of the monarchy.

Contributions of founding fathers Add any info on any founding father you can think of?

they contribute to the kitchen brigade and many foods

Which of the founding fathers if any did not submit their names to the signing of the Constitution?

Thomas Jefferson

Did any of the founding fathers fight in the French and Indian war?

George Washington FLVS:)

Did George Washington and john Adams have any similarities?

yes both were founding fathers of the u.s

Who influnced the idea of checks and balances?

Montesquieu, he was cited more times by the Founding Fathers than any other source except the Bible. His model was based on the Roman Republic and the British constitutional system.

Why were George Washington and Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson and James Madison the four founding fathers?

They are Founding Fathers because they played an important part in the founding of the Unites States. However, they are not the only people considered Founding Fathers. There were a great many and any attempt to make a list would surely miss some.

Were any of the Founding Fathers Freemasons?

Yes, several were. Washington was the Master of his lodge and had a Masonic funeral when he died.

Why did the founding fathers include in the constitution of power sovereignty?

The founding fathers include in the Constitution of power sovereignty to reinforce and reinstall the idea that the new United States were both soverign and independent. This in turn made it harder for Great Britian to exert any type of influence.

Where any of the founding fathers at any point in disagreement with what was being decided?

If by founding fathers you mean delegates to the Constitutional Convention then the answer is yes. there was a great deal of vigorous debate over what form the new government should take and everybody had to compromise on something. Ultimately only thirty nine of the delegates actually signed the Constitution. Michael Montagne

Did any of the founding fathers intend for The US to be more like today's European Union?

The founding fathers had lots of visions for the future United States, and some of them might have liked America to wind up like the European Union. Benjamin Franklin might appreciate the modern European Union.