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The question itself is not very fair. The founding fathers grew up in a time where male superiority was unquestioned. Most did not believe in votes for women due to the fact that it was not demanded or requested until a later time period. Most did not even address the sufferage movement. But, John Adams ( the first vice president) responded to a letter from his wife where he did not agree with the votes for women movement. In fact he discouraged his wife from pursuing the movement because of the political turmoil that was occurring (due to the Revolutionary War) and America did not need any more division between its citizens.

They were probably neutral, but they weren't for it. That's for sure.

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the founding fathers werent just for or againt the slave trade,some were undecided.

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yes because they are fat and irl

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Q: Were the founding fathers for or against the slave trade?
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How did James Madison feel about slave trade?

He was against the slave trade.

Did the founding fathers favor capitalism?

The Founding Fathers favored "capitalism" in that they disliked and fought against the British Empire enforcing strict taxation of and control over American products and trade. At the time of the Revolution, of course, there was not the prevalence of huge corporations, global financial institutions and large scale investment. However, the Founding Fathers, favored merchants, farmers and anyone else who worked for their own profit.

Why were the founders against the slave trade?

No they wasnt against it they was for it.

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Gravell Sharp was a prominent opponent of the slave trade and played a key role in advocating for its abolition. He is known for his work in writing and campaigning against the slave trade and for the abolition of slavery in Britain. Sharp's efforts helped bring about legislative changes that eventually led to the abolition of the slave trade in the British Empire in 1807.

Why did the US abolish slave trade?

Abraham Lincoln got over 7500 people to protest against slave trade

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Thomas Clarkson

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Abolitionists such as William Wilberforce, Thomas Clarkson, and Olaudah Equiano argued against the continuation of the slave trade. They used moral, ethical, and religious arguments to push for the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade.

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The slave trade has not ended. Some countries have made legislation against it but it is still happening in many places.

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Why was thomas clarkson against the slave trade?

because he did not like the way the slaves were treated

Kind of trade that could not be prohibited before 1808?

slave trade