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Yes, 15 children, but only 12 survived.

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Q: Did jean mouton have any kids?
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When did Jean Mouton die?

Jean Mouton died in 1522.

What has the author Jean-Michel Mouton written?

Jean-Michel Mouton has written: 'Saladin' -- subject(s): Kings and rulers, Biography, History

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When did Confederate General Jean Jacques Alfred Alexander Mouton graduate from West Point?

Confederate General Jean Jacques Alfred Alexander Mouton graduated from West Point in 1850. He was ranked 38th in his graduating class of cadets that numbered 44. Mouton served in the Western Theater of the US Civil War. He saw action in the important Battle of Shiloh and later in the Red River Campaign.

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What is the birth name of Mouton Osorio?

Mouton Osorio's birth name is Henrique Mouton Osrio.

Does Jean Paul Gaultier have any kids?

He is not married. There does not appear to be any references in any online biography of Jean Paul Gaultier that indicates he has, or has ever had, any girlfriends or children.

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